Progressive Safety Solutions Inc.
Training - Program Development - Compliance Audits

Welcome to Progressive Safety Solutions.

Progressive Safety Solutions Inc. is a company which can provide solutions for all your safety needs.
We offer a full range of Health and Safety services along with industrial safety and equipment training
and can provide your company with safety management personel or safety advisors for short or
longterm work or projects.
Whether your a new company or whether your company is established we can assist you in the
development and implementaion of a health and safety program which will not only meet or exceed
industry standards but will be one that management can stand behind and workers will stand up for.
Progressive Safety Solutions can review existing health and safety programs and provide assistance
in updating plans to meet current requirements.
If training is what you require this is the backbone of our company. We provide you with training in
our classroom environment or at your worksite. Each class is tailored to meet the needs of your trainees.
Our instructors will ensure that each trainee has reached a safe level of competency with every training
session provided. Our instructors draw on their experience in commercial and heavy industrial trade
backgrounds to provide a training experience from which all workers will take away new insights.